ThingS to do in steveston:

Daisies Ladies Consignment is on 1st ave just behind the old post office. We have great deals on Women’s clothes and after your done shopping at Daisies Clothing Store you can just hop next door to Algeria Cafe & Giftware and grab a coffee or their Great homemade soup and sandwiches plus they have a lot of little collectable gifts for that special someone (you) .




About Daisies Ladies Consignment

 We at Daisies ladies Consignment Store have been in Steveston Village for over 40 years . We are Famliy owned business. Daisies ladies consignment store is an amazing place to buy women’s fashionable and affordable, clothing and accessories. We also have fine gold, silver and beautiful costume jewellery, like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even brooches. For clothing we have an assortment of clothes with all different sizes and colors to fit your wonderful body and amazing looks.

So if your looking for that special outfit we can help . Come down to daisies ladies consignment store in the heart of steveston village.

Every season we bring out more suitable attire for our different weather changes. In spring we will bring out more short sleeve shirts and Capri’s. But we also have some assortment of clothing for all seasons year round




daisies consignment store